Poor Beckham got caught by his wife, while oogling at…

Funny, I like Beckham’s expression at the end ^_^ lol

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7 responses to “Poor Beckham got caught by his wife, while oogling at…”

  1. Strange... says :

    Between picture 2 and 3 he changed seat, cloths and he suddenly is shaved…

  2. Randax says :

    Nothing wrong with looking. Honestly, if she’s gonna be like that, he needs to ditch her A.S.A.P.

    I wouldn’t tolerate her attitude for a second.

  3. reiangel93 says :

    he mustve been like shaggy “It wasn’t me!”

  4. Angel (Hubby) says :

    Wow, i would never do that ❤

  5. Kiwi says :


  6. MouriRan12345 says :

    I don’t think that he got caught by the first 2 pictures, cuz changed his clothes and I think his seats too.

  7. I says :

    lol. he can’t resist =O!


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