Money No Enough 2 Phone Ring

Money No Enough 2 Phone Ring (Comedy)

p.s. kinda funny, this is shown before the actual movie starts, same goes with advertisements!
Quote: Anyway, i watched this b4 the movie starts… Whole theater was laughing like mad. i laughed till i gt a tummyache -_-ll

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4 responses to “Money No Enough 2 Phone Ring”

  1. Tsuna says :

    Ayumi.. Thought dat u are from japan? This singapore movie just out and japan got to watch?! btw the phone ring part was not same as in singapore which i watched . Hah. The version i watched was about a group of gangsters =D

  2. COZpopcorns says :

    the movie the mother keep ask
    jia pa buey jia pa buey untill the son damn piss off
    then the guan sai go say he sell the pills to someone and after 3 weeks the sex organ grow back

  3. habzs says :

    So… Your a singaporen .. Right?

  4. dynames8 says :

    Haha….. this movie getting to show at my country soon.

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