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Added a maplestory glossary
When I visited maplestory forum to get to know whats happening, I realised that Nexon/Wizet/Asiasoft have added new maps, monsters, weapons, items, quest and etc and last but not least, NX Cash items to earn some money out of MapleStory players’ pockets XD

On the other hand, Maplestory players also came out with their unique short-form/abbreviations to tag them. Like GS which refers to Ghost Ship Map located in MapleStory Singapore Town/Map.

Could you guess for MP3? Is it an audio file that you play on Winamp/iTunes/iPod?
Nope… it refers to Mysterious Path 3 (a map in MapleStory). ^^”

Here’s the link to the glossary, http://ayumilovemaple.wordpress.com/maplestory-glossary/


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