Ayumi’s Hidden-Sanctuary Techno Clips 2008

Cool, I have found a new way on how to post Vimeo videos on WordPress.
Wordpress support embedding of Vimeo videos inside your blog posts or pages using the following syntax:
Remove the first dot from the code below, and it would work!
[.vimeo http://vimeo.com/1626724%5D
[.vimeo 1626724]


Back to topic, I wanted to upload this special video to Youtube.
However, I forgot my password. It’s been awhile I have not logged in to Youtube.
So, a friend of mine suggested that I post on Vimeo. It’s the video above, enjoy!

Fun Quiz:
How many MSN pop ups could you hear?
How many unique remixes found in this video?

p.s. I have updated my MapleStory blog at ayumilovemaple.wordpress.com



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I am Ayumilove, if you see some impersonators its not me.

2 responses to “Ayumi’s Hidden-Sanctuary Techno Clips 2008”

  1. kokpig says :

    wow…i love your remix…how many song was remixed into tis wan?

  2. Miae says :

    I love listening to this

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