Water Fountains Create Nice Animation and Picture

They use high power water jet shooting water droplets down, to create spectacular images of words and pictures (example: dolphins, foot prints, any car logo, title, etc). This reminds me of garden water sprinkler.


How Jeep Water works?


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4 responses to “Water Fountains Create Nice Animation and Picture”

  1. COZpopcorns says :

    wow,but i cant see the words clearly,too fast -.-

  2. kintey says :

    ayumi, is there anyway that i can ask u about making movies? cause, i have to do some sort of a food show, and i need help in where to find the blue screen effect for the WMM, the one u did on one of the first tutorial video. its kinda hard to find it. Thanks

  3. kintey says :

    Hey ayumi, its me! Kintey, i hope u remembered, i also have a blog, umm its http://www.imjustanobody.wordpress.com hope u can see it o.0

  4. dynames8 says :

    It’s awesome!

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