Ragnarok Flash Game – Endurance Arena

Are you able to endure till level 50 ?
Here is the game link: http://ragnarok.wilfritz.com

Anyone play ragnarok before?
Just wandering any good tips for leveling character in this flash game ^_^

For me, I’ll add agility till it reaches 2 hit, and pump all to STR (strength)
and max (sword mastery) + (regeneration) + (counterstrike)

What does provoke and quicken do? Sounds confusing.


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6 responses to “Ragnarok Flash Game – Endurance Arena”

  1. PaO says :

    for me what i do is i pump up agi dex and vit i always put 10 more agi than dex and vit then pump up regen first then i put 1 quicken then pump up sword mastery. then when im done i pump up quicken next then lastly the counter attack. just give it a try and you will see. if you dont want to pump up dex try to pump up luk it will be pretty nasty for the enemy xD

  2. shweelike says :

    Err van this is not the mmorpg version..so posting that provoke will make a monster attack you is irrelevant. Provoke makes the monster increase it’s attack while lowering its defense eg. atk +10% def -10%, ect. With Sword Quicken..while it does increase aspd in the mmorpg it does not in the flash version. Puyo has the correct response with it will increase the number of hits you make.

  3. Puyo says :

    The quicken adds up how many attacks you can do… not how fast you swing…

  4. Manu says :

    Hi Ayumi,

    I played it 1st time on easy: lvl 96, auto-tactic, tired, closed eyes, dead, ARGH
    After I thought it’s 2 boring in easy mode, so I decided 2 go to HARD-mode … not my best idea ;).
    Lvl 11 so far …. need some more practice ;).

    btw: I played some ragarok online last year, but it doesn’t help much :S.

    thank you for showing us this very nice flash game

  5. Van says :

    Provoke SHOULD be an ability to make a monster or w/e angry at you, follow you, and make its attack to go up but not its defense. Quicken should increase to aspd (how fast you swing/attack A.K.A. Attack Speed) If you really want to play ragnarok play on a private server.

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