Miwako Idol Taiwan – she’s 22 but looks like 3

Received an e-mail about Miwako Taiwan Idol.

The photo shows a girl who looks very young compare to her age.

So cuteee…

miwako taiwan idol cute 1
miyako taiwan idol cute 2

miyako taiwan idol cute 3

miyako taiwan idol cute 4

miyako taiwan idol cute 5

miyako taiwan idol cute 6

miyako taiwan idol cute 7

miyako taiwan idol cute 9

miyako taiwan idol cute 10


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44 responses to “Miwako Idol Taiwan – she’s 22 but looks like 3”

  1. Lolicon says :

    Whose the guy with her i’ll kill him, ’cause this kind of beauty that i desire,,,,,u just mine miwako,,,,,i love u so much,,,,finally i can date the girl,, cause u know for a long time i have paedopilia disease, so i can date any girl except a little girl (even tough i never date any little girl), i’ll looking for u miwako, i’ll fly to ur country and make u my bride,,,and i will kill any guy that tried to stoled ur heart. That is.

  2. Kaii Ü Yumi (@Kaii_Yumi) says :

    I Love you ! you are so cute.

  3. yoona says :

    waw it’s beauttiful and very very cool

  4. bibisasha says :

    she’s really cute ..

  5. Unknown says :

    She looks really CUTE!!! Maybe one of her parents have babyface.

  6. J says :

    She is 22, just too much make-up and photo shop effects. Just look @ that guy beside her. Bet she’s one of those Taiwanese crazy about being a Japanese!

  7. saya says :

    don’t b such like that!!

  8. Nayla says :

    I like her so much… her face very cute….

  9. luso clemens says :

    i wanna kill her!!
    she’s way to cute to live!!!
    i wanna squeeze her to death!!!! :3

  10. wiena says :

    hy ..
    Miwako what news.
    I really like you,.,
    your face like a one-year-old toddler …

  11. nicko chan says :

    your so cute like an doll!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

  12. jay ann says :

    she was so nice i think she looks like a 5 year old girl
    😀 is it true that she is 22 yrs. old now?
    unbelievable!!! but she so cute…absolutely perfect…:D

  13. may says :

    l thing she’s very cute & her eyes so coool ^_^

  14. darkroom1134 says :

    her face is just like an anime

    what is her occupation..?

    ‘cuz i saw her pic. wearing like a waitress’s dress..

    but it’s fit for her b’cuz she looks like an anime…

    i like her…

  15. kate says :

    she’s probably one of those people who don’t age fast..like me i look 15 rather than 18 LOL ^^

  16. meLia says :

    good looking..
    baby face..
    nice to know u 😉

  17. Stephanie says :

    i’m very like MIWAKO 🙂
    she’s like a beautiful doll ;]
    so nice for me ^^

    fanny from Indonesian :p
    miwako lovers !

  18. MaZZ_NOER1 says :

    She looks so cute. more like a little. girls under 5 years old to me

  19. Emmanuel says :

    I wish asian girls wanted to look natural… Something about modifying one’s look makes them instantly unattractive to me… And with so many of them seeking modification, it doesn’t leave enough naturally beautiful ones for people like me!


  20. habib taan says :

    3layan nfo5o 🙂

  21. ayumi says :

    what is miwako’s date of birht?
    please anser me fast back!

  22. someone says :

    Okay she is 22….that is just way too creepy how can some 22 year old look like that?I’m 16 and i look way more older!?!That is soooooooooooOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO scary.

  23. Niiku says :

    and hence it is using Photoshop?
    is not your account of you gays, lesbians. Shut up idiots!
    Miwako , you are BEAUTIFUL NATURE!

  24. ahkkk says :

    Let’s See her naked body
    it’s can tell she 22 or 3 😀

  25. Ana says :

    Lindiinha ela.! Parece boneca.!

  26. gui says :

    oi japa tudo bem

  27. ulzzangmania says :

    she is a fake ulzzang. everything from eyes to makeup – all enhanced with photoshop too.

  28. Lucy says :

    PHOTOSHOP (Y) Look all the pictures ¬¬” this is a bullshit, extreme photoshop. LOL.

  29. Mery nagano says :

    Girl and Boy two kawaii.

  30. Mery nagano says :

    Kawaii kime …

  31. hendruw says :

    yeah, somehow she really looks like a doll.
    Unfortunately i afraid of doll.

  32. Yahya says :

    she is soo cute and i would love to talk to her 🙂

  33. Dude says :

    don belif she’s 22.. none of the pics show her full body.. she cud be a minor aged 10 and those drooling over these pics r on their way to being paedohilic

  34. Chantilly says :

    Miwako looks like a doll, but she is high.
    I seen many pictures of her and she is not small..
    Where did you see that she has 22 years? O.O

  35. Chantilly says :

    I made a community on orkut about she… xD
    Miwako baby is super kawaii!! *-*
    She looks like a porcelain doll!

  36. DinneBolt says :

    too good for me 🙂

  37. dede says :

    i don’t find it flattering.. it is rather weird and creepy

  38. David Lim says :

    Is this girl suffering from some medical growth problem? She is like a baby doll for sure. Hopes she will have a happy life with blessed with abundance.

  39. Habzs says :

    Well , She Really Looks Like A 3 Year Old Girl! 😉

  40. vuxpyra says :

    she looks like a porcelain doll.
    i agree… shes cute but not in a human kind of way.

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