MapleStory RPG v2.3 for Warcraft III (PC)

hi guys, I found a custom map made by jim109109 and SaberXpert

This map is based on MapleStory. Basically, you would need to start from a beginner and later when you reach level 10, you could choose a particular job (e.g. bowman, warrior, thief) and level 8 for magician.

Here is a summary of what you could expect from this map!

1. Boss (Pianus)
2. Quest + Rewards (provided by villagers in town)
3. Maps (Ludibrium, Aquarium, Ellinia, Perion, Kerning City, Maple Island, etc)
4. Monsters (lots of variety, but don’t expect them to look same as MapleStory)
5. Items (axe, sword, garnier, shoe, etc)
6. Skills (well the skills are mixed, a warrior level 10 have Dragon Roar lol)

If all those information entise you to play the game, here is the download link
Requirement: Warcraft III


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12 responses to “MapleStory RPG v2.3 for Warcraft III (PC)”

  1. Newbie says :

    how to find wedding ring for the pig beach quest?

  2. says :

    how to find wedding ring for the pig beach quest?

  3. cookies says :

    how do you save your items? i never knew how too

    • tmanxp says :

      you cant save items…so just sell items for gold before you save and leave game…besides all items are obtainable through shops…and gold is nth in maplestory rpg….

  4. dumb dumb says :

    I can’t find the wedding ring for the pig beach quest
    Please tell me where if you know

  5. noobscape says :

    how do i get it to load my character. I’ve tried many times and tried doing the code different ways but I can never get it to load.

    • tmanxp says :

      ok make sure you load your code the right way:

      (-) = spacing in between


      example: -load m1234 56789090 12343556

  6. GodOfMS says :

    alvin :
    OMG !! wat party quest anwser is ?? !!!

    Question >>
    Third weak monster == Shroom
    ___ and the Wild Boar == Jane

  7. alvin says :

    OMG !! wat party quest anwser is ?? !!!

  8. Death_Reaperz says :

    Hey… do you have any ideas where is the hidden place… i want to fight mushmom,…

  9. buy mesos says :

    Interesting site, i have bookmarked your blog for future referrence 🙂

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