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njoy the music! Re-edited some parts of the music.


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I am Ayumilove, if you see some impersonators its not me.

3 responses to “Ayumilove Download Section for Files”

  1. Helloa says :

    very Nice movies and beatiful music that you add on to it
    To bad you keep getting banned :@, Your movies are very special only there are some people coppieing them on youtube…
    I didn’t see this movie above.. cause it’s bliocked already but there aren’t allot of comments here so’I’m posting it here 🙂

    keep up the spirit of movie making
    Your a million doller girl =)

  2. shinnsohai says :

    Erm… Can’t You Just Tell The Song’s Name?
    I Willing To Download It,I Luv Techno Remix xD

  3. Ro0hm3 says :

    Thanks for uploading this!

    1. You’re SO pretty.
    2. I love the song, can you tell me the name of the first song (the real name of it) and the song where that dark voice sais “Hands Up” at 9:07 kinda..



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