5 Old Videos Reuploaded

Ohayo minasan! (hi everyone ^_^)

I have reuploaded a few old videos from my old account (Ayumilove). Mostly are gameplays and maplestory content. I’ll upload the japanese lessons once I find them. If you have downloaded my videos from my old account, you could send to me so I could reupload them ^_^

For the new comers (those who newly subscribe to me), you could play the game. The links are located in the description (right side of Youtube screen). For Ayumilove’s patrons (old subscribers and friends) hope you enjoy the old videos lol, listening to the energetic beat of the song or replay the game if you are bored.

Below are the video links

Ayumilove Gameplay: Wrath of the Jr Balrog

Ayumilove Gameplay Shift 2 walkthrough

Ayumilove Gameplay: Assassin vs Mushmom (popular)

Ayumilove Preview: Bow Master vs Leviathan Boss KMS

Ayumilove Gameplay Bonefish Aqua Dungeon + Pianus Boss



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I am Ayumilove, if you see some impersonators its not me.
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