Ayumilove SEA Cass Zakum Speed Run Guide (3 minute 2seconds)

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This is a zakum video which was previously uploaded in my old account. It was kinda difficult to search for this video back, since the original video source is deleted from my hard disk. This video reminds me lots of things. Good and bad stuff.

This is how it started. When Cassiopiea announced that their Zakum Speed Run 3 min 2 seconds is faster than KMS Zakum Speed Run, I went and watched, was shock how fast they completed it. After a few months, a friend of mine in GMS told me about MSEA zakum speed run in 3 min 2 seconds. I watched before, but did not know much about how zakum is being manage by the zakum squad team. I was inspired to make a video on zakum guide, since not many Maplers know how it is being managed. I contact the person who uploaded the video on Youtube, so I could have a video example and apply a guide to it. However, the person did not reply any message.

So, I recorded the video and did some editing by adding zakum information gathered from my visits on zakum tutorial threads in GMS and MSEA forums. This provide me ample ideas and details on how they manage their team, how much potions they bring depending on the team level, and so on. I learned lots of things about fix the poor video quality d(^_^)b

In short, I uploaded this video for different purposes. To enlightened my audience (Maplers and others) about what is zakum about, spread the word about MSEA Cassiopeia Remarkable Speed Run achievement and improve my Sony Vegas video editing and my teaching guidance and finally learn more about MapleStory Zakum Team Management.



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I am Ayumilove, if you see some impersonators its not me.

2 responses to “Ayumilove SEA Cass Zakum Speed Run Guide (3 minute 2seconds)”

  1. no name says :

    nice web

  2. 70herxmit70 says :

    First reply… But I want to try Zakum whenever I could though. Im a lv 51 sin with 1.5k hp. Still have trouble doing the zakum jump quest. if you have a lv 50++ account in Bootes, would you mind doing the jump quest with me? Thank you.

    Best Regards,
    70HerXmit70 aka ShinyGoldHacker (youtube).

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