Ayumilove Windows Movie Maker Tutorial (Part 1) New!

Ayumilove’s Diary:
Hi guys! I am learning how to use wordpress to post blogs. I was inspired by MapleStory bloggers such as AngeliaMSEA and PokgaiWordPress. This is pretty useful for me to keep track about videos which I have created, and uploaded to Youtube. My account ayumilove is suspended, due to copyrighted songs that are remixed and used in the video. ahhhh… if you found me again, thanks a lot! A few videos will be re-uploaded each week when I have some free time d(^_^)b

This blog will be undergoing some renovation (looks plain right?) XD
Still learning the ropes on how to spice up this blog.

Below is the link to watch the video!
Ayumilove Windows Movie Maker Tutorial (Part 1) New!

Things I have learned out from creating this video are:
1. Improve video and audio quality.
2. Teaching guidance
3. Learn to manage recordings
4. Sequencing them depending on priority
5. No rush
6. Music out of sync a little
7. Music length long, variety would be good
8. Remove Youtube guide for generalization
9. Remove unnecessary video clips



About ayumilove

I am Ayumilove, if you see some impersonators its not me.

3 responses to “Ayumilove Windows Movie Maker Tutorial (Part 1) New!”

  1. Kei1ro says :

    Hi ayumi, I was wondering if you could upload both your WIndows movie maker tutorial videos to a a site like Megaupoad or Mediafire. It would just be more convinient for me to have the .avi formats of them. ありがとう ごさいました。

  2. yohohoto says :

    Hi, I am just wondering what is your new account. Since the banned both of your accounts , youtube became such a boring place for me. I have one of yours Sony Vegas Tutorials, that i can’t find on YouTube. I’ll upload it on my account, with all rights set to you. I can’t find a way to contact you, and send you the video. It is about Sparkling 3D Text.
    I hope I’ll see you soon. Your Fan – Yohoho.
    (my Youtube account is YOHOHOto ).

  3. koh says :

    Hi, Ayumi, first i would like to say thank you for your Windows Movie Maker Tutorial. It help me a lots, especially in doing my subject’s assignment (Recruitment and Selections).
    Once again, i want to say thank you XD.
    Have a nice day!!!

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